The new year is all about new beginnings, and when warmer weather appears, those resolutions may seem a little more manageable. As you move into the spring season, it’s time to clean out more than just your house. Take these steps to spring clean your health!

1)   Choose in-season, local produce – Seasonal produce is readily available and the farmers markets are beginning to open their doors again. This can offer more flavor and price savings, as well as the ability to support local business. Plus, what’s more healthy than fruits and veggies?

2)   Schedule screenings and doctor’s appointments – The holiday season may have been too busy for you to make time for your health, so pick up the phone. Planning ahead will make it easier to keep track of your wellness throughout the year and reduce stress.

3)   Venture outside – Going outside to walk, run, or bike is a great way to burn calories and get some much needed Vitamin D. You might even reap benefits such as an improved immune system and lowered blood pressure if you take time to enjoy the great outdoors.

4)   De-clutter your medicine cabinet – With recent attention dedicated to the opioid crisis in America, many now understand the importance of disposing of old medicine. If you haven’t already, now is the time to check expiration dates and toss that clutter. Check into Drug Take-Back programs to ensure that your medications are safely disposed of.

5)   Allergy-proof your home – Spring is the season where allergies come around with a vengeance, but you can prevent some of those dreaded symptoms by cleaning your home. Try washing all linens and blankets to dispose of dust mites and wipe off all smooth surfaces such as ceiling fan blades and window coverings. It may also be time to replace your air filters. 

Taking charge of your health can be daunting, but by making these small steps, you will feel better than ever! Happy Spring!