Geriatric Psychiatry in Bessemer, AL

UAB UAB Medical West provides psychiatric services for geriatric patients suffering from various symptoms and diseases. Our team of qualified professionals work to return patients to their optimum level of functioning. We help patients to control their medication, to return to a stable sleep pattern, and to minimize troublesome behavior. Our Geriatric Psychiatry Unit is located at the main UAB Medical West Hopsital in Bessemer, AL

Geriatric Psychiatry Services at UAB Medical West Hospital

  • Specialized Psychiatric & Medical Care
  • One-on-One Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Spiritual Therapy provided by UAB Medical West Chaplains
  • Family Counseling

Visiting Hours

Familial support is a major contributor to the health and recovery of our patients. The UAB Medical West Geriatric Psychiatry Unit is available for daily visitation between the hours of 1-2pm and 5-6pm. Our nurses can work with you to establish alternative arrangements if these hours are not suitable for your schedule. We offer a private room for all family visits.


Patients may be admitted to the Geri-Psych Unit through referrals from a primary care physician or from a nursing home/assisted living facility. For referrals, please contact UAB UAB Medical West at (205) 481-7661

A specialized nurse assists a patient in the Geriatric Psychiatry Unit at UAB UAB Medical West facility