Often times, people feel as though they can predict the weather by the pain in their joints. While little research has been done on the correlation between joint pain and weather, those suffering from arthritis can certainly make an effort to ease any symptoms that may worsen.


1.     1. Dress Warmly – This one may seem obvious, but by layering clothing, you further insulate your body and joints from the cold. Invest in warm gloves for your aching hands, and wear leggings under your regular bottom layer to warm up your knees.

2.     2. Hydrate – Staying hydrated lubricates the joints. Air also tends to be drier during the colder months. Even a little dehydration can make sufferers more sensitive to pain, so by drinking at least half a gallon of water daily, you can combat some of the pain.

3.     3. Supplement your Vitamin D – According to Pain Management, from the US National Library of Medicine, a vitamin D deficiency raises your risk for osteoporosis. Further, most of us are less likely to receive vitamin D from its natural source, the sun, during the winter. Try taking a supplement or consuming more vitamin D-fortified foods.

4.     4. Let Warm Water Soothe You – If possible, swim in a heated pool. By exercising and warming up, you can soothe your joints. Warm baths are also a common remedy, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

5.     5. Add Fish Oil – The Arthritis Foundation recommends consuming up to 2.6 grams of fish oil capsules twice daily. The omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation, which helps the pain in your joints. However, be sure to consult your doctor, as omega-3s can raise your risk for bleeding or bruising.

6.     6. Get a massage – Besides the typical relaxation one can get from a massage, getting one can also relieve the muscles around your joints. Some pain is actually experienced from those muscles, not just the joints.


By following these simple tips, those with arthritis can certainly make their winter months a little more enjoyable!