UAB Medical West Introduces Stryker's Mobile Bearing Hip


Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip with X3 Advanced Bearing Technology is a mobile bearing, rather than a fixed bearing hip replacement. Mobile bearing hip replacement components are designed to fit together in a unique way to allow for a more natural range of motion, more comfortable fit, more resistance to wear and greater joint stability. An innovation in hip replacement design, the Mobile Bearing Hip Replacement features a unique polyethylene insert made with X3 Advanced Bearing Technology. Either a metal or ceramic head is locked into the insert and the insert moves within the automatic metal shell. The Mobile Bearing Hip’s design allows your doctor to more closely match the implant to your anatomy and provides you with several potential advantages, including better performance over time.

Read below to discover the primary advantages of the new mobile bearing hip.
Greater Range of Motion
The Mobile Bearing Hip Replacement is built for more natural movement. Its anatomic cup is designed to offer stability while allowing greater freedom of movement. When compared with fixed-bearing implants of equivalent size, there was a full 5% gain in range of motion. Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip is designed to better accommodate one’s natural walking (gait) cycle of movement in range of motion. Greater range of motion may allow patients to maintain their active lifestyle with fewer compromises.
A More Comfortable and Stable Fit
Comfort and stability are important to helping patients regain their activity level after a hip replacement. The Mobile Bearing Hip Replacement is designed to help minimize the potential risks of hip dislocation and irritation of the muscles and tendons that support your hip.
Until now, in order to reduce the possibility of dislocation, doctors often turned to the use of metal-on-metal large head technologies for primary hip replacement. The specialized polyethylene insert of the Mobile Bearing Hip implant is designed to offer the potential benefits of a larger diameter head, which contributes to increased joint stability.
Less Wear and the Potential for a Longer Lasting Implant
Constantly looking to improve orthopaedic medicine, physicians and engineers study closely the “bearing surface” of implants - where the joint comes together to carry your body weight. Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip with X3 offers wear protection on two fronts. Both its dual mobility and its X3 technology bearing surface help to create a prosthesis that is designed to resist wear and has the potential to last longer. Test results demonstrate that X3 has shown a 97% decrease in wear compared to conventional polythylene in laboratory testing. Less wear may mean a longer life for your hip replacement.
Talk to your doctor to see if Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip is right for you. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a UAB Medical West physician, please call 996-WEST.