Since 1964, UAB Medical West has proudly served the communities of West Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. Over 59 years later, our team’s dedication to service has never wavered. This April, we’re highlighting our commitment to giving back and betterment—beyond just our medical contributions.  

There are many ways to give back to our community, and we’d be honored to have you join us. Whether you’re inspired to start volunteering more or think UAB Medical West would be a great fit for an upcoming event or program, we want to hear from you. Read on to learn more about our service commitment and involvement in Birmingham, AL. 

UAB Medical West Is Dedicated to Service & Involvement

At UAB Medical West, we believe in serving our community in mind and body. We’re thankful to play an integral role in our area and strive to give back daily. Our ultimate goal is to provide first-class medical care while also making a difference in the lives of those we serve. 
Each year, our leadership and staff dedicate time, financial resources, and service where our neighborhood needs it most. From BBQ festivals to 5K races, the team at UAB Medical West is passionate about serving Birmingham, AL, and surrounding areas. 

How UAB Medical West Is Supporting the Birmingham Community

This April, we’re highlighting a few of the events UAB Medical West sponsors to promote growth in Birmingham and beyond. We’re honored to play a small part in the positive changes happening worldwide and through these organizations. 

Bob Sykes BBQ & BLUES Festival

Bob Sykes BBQ & BLUES Festival is full of BBQ, music, and community. This April, the 12th annual festival is held in Bessemer, AL, and gives the residents a chance to relax, unwind, and cultivate community spirit. 

March of Dimes

March of Dimes focuses on quality care for moms and babies in the United States. We join them in their fight for equitable health outcomes and proudly sponsor their annual event to raise money and awareness for mothers and children everywhere. 

Race for The Grace Place

Each year, The Grace Place hosts a race to raise money to provide food, clothing, and other resources for those in need. Grace Place allows UAB Medical West to support those in our neighborhood, and we’re grateful to partner with this organization. 

Hope for Autumn Foundation

The Hope for Autumn Foundation seeks to raise awareness about childhood cancer and provide resources for families battling this disease. Each year, their team organizes the Autumn Foundation Crawfish Boil, with proceeds going toward local families and research to end childhood cancer. 

Connect With Us & Serve Your Local Community

At UAB Medical West, we believe doing good is much more successful when we do it together.  If you’re in the Birmingham area, there are numerous ways to join us as we give back to the community. Whether you participate in a race, eat delicious barbeque, or donate online, no contribution is too big or too small. If you’d like to get involved in serving with UAB Medical West, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

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