UAB Medical West’s Diabetic Education Meeting in September will feature special guest speaker, Kelly Garner from Birmingham. The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 24th at 6 p.m. at UAB Medical West Hospital - Civic Room located on Level C of the Professional Building.

We all remember the ice/snow event of January 28, 2014. We have many stories to tell about the days that came to be known as either “Snowpocalypse” or “Snowmageddon”. Most probably remember the story of the man in Vestavia Hills who was helping a stranded motorist and then suddenly disappeared. He came to be known as “The Snowmageddon Good Samaritan”.

The temperature was to drop to 9° F that night and the worst was feared for Kelly Garner. When one of the search parties found him at the bottom of a 40 ft. ravine behind the Vestavia Hills Library the next morning, they were astonished to find that he was still alive. With a head injury and multiple broken vertebrae in his back, not to mention being out all night in the frigid temperature, snow and ice, it was doubtful that Kelly would survive. Most were certain that he would never walk. If he did, he would probably have little brain function. Kelly’s story of survival and what happened over the next days, weeks and months is very inspirational. Not only did Kelly walk again, but he completed the Mercedes Half-Marathon this past February!

Garner, a diabetic himself, will be sharing his story of survival and the importance exercise played in his recovery. We hope his story will inspire diabetics in the community to practice daily exercise to help control their diabetes. All are welcome to attend, diabetic or not. Please call or email to register for this meeting at 205.481.7496 or