The holidays are fast approaching, as well as cold and flu season. While we all like to focus on giving this time of year, there’s one item that is not on anyone’s wish list - germs! Between visiting family and friends, holiday parties, and Christmas shopping, it can be difficult to avoid people who are feeling under the weather. Mark these tips off your list and stay well this season!


1. Wash your hands often - When the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin, we often forget to take this simple, yet important step in our hygeine. After walking through a store, be sure to use hand sanitizer. Before a meal, wash your hands. By doing this, you can alleviate many close run-ins with a virus. 


2. Pack Prepared when Traveling - If you’re boarding a plane to make it home for Christmas, be aware of the the items you touch - armrests on your seat, overhead compartments, and more. Bring a small pack of sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer to kill those germs. To be safe, bring a surgical mask as well, as air can be recirculated in a plane, sending those airborne germs straight to you. 


3. Boost your Immune System - Our bodies tend to be more susceptible to illness when we lack sleep, are under stress or are malnourished. During this season, take Vitamin C and D and get your flu shot to ensure immunity. Despite the weather, make time for exercise and sleep, as both will help bolster your systems. Finally, make nutritious choices between all of the holiday snacking, such as whole grains , yogurt, fruits and vegetables. 


4. Stay at home - While it may be difficult to say no to all of those party invitations, if you’re sick, stay at home. The extra rest is needed to help your body heal, and you’ll help others avoid illness too!


You can have the happiest of holidays, especially when you avoid illness.