36 million Americans have seasonal allergies! And YOU just might be one of them… this article is for you. 

Most of the time, allergies are caused from pollen from plants and trees as they bloom. These elements get into the air, and then into your eyes or into your nasal passages… and you become miserable!


What can you do?


These things:

  1. Maybe pull back on being outside so much. Definitely not the most fun solution, but it works. Pollen counts typically tend to be highest during the morning hours and when it’s windy.
    • While you are outside, wear glasses or sunglasses so that you have a physical guard against pollen.
    • Once you’re back inside, clean up! Take a shower, change your clothing. Stop dragging all that pollen around with you!
  2. Allergy medicine. Zyrtec has been known to change some people’s lives. But generally, antihistamines work well for most people. Just be sure to read the package carefully and follow the instructions.
  3. Plan ahead, too. It may be too late this season, but Spring will be back next year - we promise. Start taking medicine about a week or so before things start to get going. Pay attention to James Spann - he knows when!
  4. Natural relief! If you’re not into over the counter medications, some herbal remedies have helped with allergies. They probably need more research, so just because it worked for your neighbor means it will definitely work for you. As always, consult your physician.
  5. Home adjustments! Shut the windows, use the air conditioning (fans draw air in from the outside), and vacuum the floor!

Hopefully a combination of these tips can keep you feeling more alert and alive this Spring.