If your significant other gave you chocolate for Valentine’s Day, you’re probably a little leery of the weight gain that may come along with this romantic gesture. But don’t fret! What your admirer gave you could also benefit your health! All in moderation, this sweet treat can reduce stroke risk, assist in weight loss, and boost intelligence, among other benefits!

Chocolate containing at least 70 percent cacao can produce benefits as long as no more than 7 ounces are consumed. Dark chocolate contains healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, which make it a disease-killing superfood!

 A 9-year study in Sweden proves that of 31,000 women who ate a couple of servings of dark chocolate a week reduced their risk of heart failure by a third. If you want to increase that consumption to a serving a day, we won’t judge! A long-term study in Germany found that having one square of dark chocolate a day could lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart attack or stroke by almost 40 percent!

Not only will it improve heart health, but dark chocolate can help you lose weight, too! Researchers at the University of Copenhagen concluded that by satisfying a craving with dark chocolate, you can lessen your cravings for other sweet, salty, and fatty foods. In addition, consuming chocolate high in antioxidants lessens the blood-pressure heightening effects of exercise on overweight people. That adds up to better workouts and less calorie consumption.

As if it doesn’t sound good enough, dark chocolate not only benefits the heart and body, but the mind as well! According to Harvard Medical School, both short term and long term consumption of flavonols found in dark chocolate can improve memory and reaction times as soon as two hours after eating it! In addition, studies showed improved blood flow, oxygen levels, and nerve function in the brain. 

So be sure to thank your significant other if they gave you chocolate as a Valentine’s Day treat. After all, they’re just looking out for your health and your happiness!