UAB Medical West Hueytown Health Center is proud to welcome Dr. LaShaundra Thedford-Smith as an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Physician, effective September 2018! 


Dr. Thedford-Smith has an extensive background in academia: after attending Jefferson County International Baccalaureate (ranked #1 by Washington Post forMost Intellectually Challenging School in Alabama) in Shades Valley, Alabama, she studied at Berea College in Berea, KY, a “working school” that provides students, who may not otherwise attend college because of costs, an opportunity to receive a quality education while gaining experience through paid internships during their undergraduate career. 


She then received her masters in Biomedical Sciences from Barry Univ. in Miami, Florida. Later, she received her medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, Kentucky. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee. 


Career Beginnings


Before joining the Hueytown Health Center, Dr. Thedford-Smith worked extensively with the community of Mexia, Texas, at the Parkview Rural Health Clinic in 2013. There, she fell in love with “small-town medicine,” where she was able to connect one-on-one with the diverse populations of Mexia. Working with a rural population, she was able to provide healthcare to families of all ages -- from small infants to grandparents. “I was able to provide healthcare solutions to every member of the family. As a physician in a rural, small town, I would receive handmade goods and produce for my service. I felt really inspired and humbled.”


Dr. Thedford-Smith considers herself a “medical motivator,” where instead of prescribing a pill and moving on to the next patient, she works with every patient to create guidelines and best health practices in their own life. “I may not be able to fully understand if my patients are taking the best care of themselves outside of my office, so I try to create a game plan they can follow so I know they’re being proactive in their health.” 

Dr. Thedford-Smith aims to provide “wholistic” healthcare solutions for her patients; mind, body and soul are addressed and taken care of. In order to connect with her patients, Dr. Thedford-Smith promotes open, easy communication, where patients feel comfortable and most of all, understood.


Career Goals


Dr. Thedford-Smith aims to create a practice that is 50% pediatric and 50% adult populations. Ideally, she wants to create a practice where she can be a social advocate for her patient’s health and wellness. “I want to instill hope in my patients,” she says. “I want them to confide in me as a physician.”


She also provides sideline healthcare for Midfield High School’s football team. “They say, ‘Hey Dr. T! to me on the field,’” she says with a laugh. She wants to increase her participation with this population, offering mental health and other wellness practices. 




Outside of her practice, Dr. Thedford-Smith stays active with Crossfit, spending time with her family and pets, helping out with cheer tryouts, fundraising runs and mentoring teens -- off and on the field. 


Dr. Thedford-Smith also considers herself a thespian; she loves to sing, dance and act, and during her college years, performed a few shows and plays.


Her spirituality is very important to her, and as a Christian, Dr. Thedford-Smith preaches the importance of “one love,” a universal term she uses to describe her love of everyone, no matter their background or identity. She brings that same philosophy to her medical practice, where she provides quality, effective healthcare for all people. No one is turned away or made to feel unwelcome. 

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