When Diane Mason went to visit her doctor for a regular check-up, she was told that her blood pressure and sugar levels were high. This was not exactly what she wanted to hear. She knew that she had to make some lifestyle changes. Since August, Diane has a lot about 32 lbs. What is her secret? Diane says she cut out sodas and limits eating bread and sweets. She always starts her day with a healthy breakfast and makes smarter food choices such as baked chicken or turkey instead of the fried versions. She eats smaller portions and tries to consume more fruits and vegetables. She drinks at least four large bottles of water every day, starting early in the morning. She also exercises regularly to remain active. In fact, you may have seen her walking around the employee parking lot! She says she walks ten laps which equals one mile. Depending on her schedule, she may divide up her laps such as five in the morning and five during lunch. After making these changes to her diet and becoming more active, Diane went back to doctor and was told her hypertension and diabetes has gotten better. She also feels much better and can move much faster. Way to go, Diane!