Strong doctor-patient relationships are formed at back-to-school physicals

As adults, we understand that regular physical examinations are key to maintaining our health and wellness. But adults aren’t the only demographic in need of yearly exams. 


Children and young adults also benefit from annual checkups, especially before returning to school. If your student participates in afterschool activities or athletics, bringing them in for a back-to-school physical can simultaneously clear them for both academic studies and elective pursuits.

Since many public schools require proof of immunization, annual physicals are also a prime time to check for any possible shots or boosters your child may need. 

It’s easy to see our children as the very picture of health, but undiagnosed issues with eyesight, hearing, weight, or physical exertion can cause hardships throughout the school year and make returning to school more difficult than it has to be.

The picture of health

Plenty of things can change in a year. At your child’s physical examination, you can expect your physician to check for eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, BMI, and the status of any needed immunizations. 


Physicians may also examine your child’s heart, lungs, and lymph nodes. Orthopedic examinations may reveal any issues in your young athlete or musician, keeping them safe throughout their extracurricular activities of choice in the coming school year.


Most importantly, the updated information affects any necessary medications. By adding to your student’s medical history, you give them both the knowledge and the ability to seek medical assistance from the school nurse and beyond school into their adult years.

Difficult conversations

As children age and their bodies change, they may have some questions best left to a trusted family physician. Though we might think ourselves capable of answering anything, some conversations are difficult to have between parent and child.

By bringing your child in for an annual physical, you empower them to seek answers from a medical professional. Allowing your student to pose those awkward questions to a physician encourages them to take their health seriously and seek answers on their own. A trusting relationship is established between physician and patient, setting a precedent for years to come.

Finding a primary care location

UAB Medical West is here to serve the students in your community. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, find and contact your closest location from the list below.


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Here for your back-to-school physical

Each summer season serves as a rite of passage for our young students. But part of growing up is learning self-care and maintaining continued interest in our own wellness. Schedule a physical today for the student in your life.

Visit UAB Medical West for a clean bill of health

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