We've all heard horror stories about razor blades in chocolate bars, but without foreign bodies, sugar alone can cause real harm to children--especially during October. After eating too much Halloween candy, a variety of health issues for children can occur like nausea, headaches, and more from the sky-high high sugar levels. 


The experts at UAB Medical West understand the challenge of promoting balance and fun during the Halloween season. This blog will serve as a guide for parents who are conscious of the health effects of candy, but who still want their children to enjoy themselves this Halloween.


Effects of Too Much Halloween Candy

While many of us know that too much candy isn’t good for kids, you may not know some of the serious effects of excessive candy that go beyond a bellyache. 


Some of the common effects of overconsuming candy include:

- Nausea

- Headaches

- Dizziness

- Inflammation

- Weakened immunity

- Diabetes

- Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)


These issues, and more, can develop as a result of excess candy consumption in kids. Discover how to manage balance to keep your kids healthy the morning of Halloween, Halloween night, and the days following the sugar-filled holiday. 


How to Manage Balance: Morning of Halloween

Beginning the morning with a healthy breakfast can start your children off on the right foot for the day ahead. We recommend a breakfast full of protein, fat, and fiber to promote energy and feelings of fullness throughout the day. Pack a snack for school or make one when they get home, opting for a healthy choice like a smoothie with some spinach sneaked in, or vegetables and dip.


Then, for dinner, offer a healthy, satiating meal. There are a variety of options to choose from, but we advise including protein, complex carbohydrates (whole grains, beans, etc.), and a vegetable to keep your kids full all night long. And, a healthy dinner will help them resist the temptation to gorge on candy. 


How to Manage Balance: Halloween Night

On Halloween night, it’s natural for kids to be giddy about all the candy. Promote intuitive eating and mindfulness by not being the “candy police,” but by monitoring intake and encouraging moderation. Often, if children realize nothing is “off limits” for them, the less they actually want the candy. 

Halloween night is a perfect time to address healthy eating habits and the effects of too much sugar. By talking to your kids about moderation, you can promote a healthy balance in your home. 

Another method to manage balance on Halloween night is encouraging your kids to sort through their candy. This gives you an opportunity to remove any hazardous packages or choking hazards and gives them a chance to decide what candy they actually want. We advise creating “keep” and “pass” piles as an organized method for managing sugar intake on Halloween night. 

How to Manage Balance: Days After Halloween

On the days after Halloween, create a dessert policy for any remaining candy. The dessert policy can look different for each family depending on a variety of factors like the age of children, frequency of meals, and more, but find something that works for your family. By laying out the “every day” rules surrounding candy, your children can be aware of expectations and stay healthy this October. 

Promote Fun & Health This Halloween 

Our qualified team of experts at UAB Medical West wants to help you have a safe and healthy Halloween. As a parent or guardian, you can encourage mindfulness and healthy habits with these tips. If you want to learn more about the effects of sugar on children or get more advice about encouraging healthy habits in your home, contact a doctor at UAB Medical West today.

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