In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medical West Hospital is offering a free Breast Cancer Awareness package through Facebook. The package includes a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink pen, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Bracelet, Self-Exam Shower Card, Pink Nail File, and an invitation to the “Cocktails and Cupcakes for the Cure” event on October 23rd.  This offer promotes the importance of regular screenings such as a mammogram and monthly self-exams for Breast Cancer. The earlier the detection, the greater the survival rate.

Check out our Facebook page,, to access the offer. The link will then provide a place to enter your mailing address so that we can send you your complimentary Breast Cancer Awareness package. Be sure to promote this offer to any of your friends and family members. Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death among women of all ages and races. It is never too early to get screened. Together, we can work to fight Breast Cancer and to promote the importance of awareness!