Renovations are currently underway in the UAB Medical West Women’s Center. Updates began in August and include several visual improvements along with new advanced technology. UAB Medical West hopes these changes will make patients and visitors feel more comfortable and secure during their stay.

Improvements include beautiful, new flooring and paint throughout the hallways, patient rooms and nursery. The unit’s two nurses’ stations will be remodeled to include new cabinets, shelving, and computer and printer towers. 
To create a more relaxing atmosphere for our new mothers, all patient rooms will be upgraded to include flat screen televisions, soothing lighting, as well as new cabinets and furniture.
The Women’s Center lobby will also be completely remodeled. Plans include enlarging the area and adding new furniture and a flat screen TV.
Not only is the Women’s Center getting a huge face lift, anew infant security system has been installed. Hugs® - an innovative infant security system that delivers an unprecedented level of security against infant abduction- is now in place in the Women’s Center. Each newborn is distributed an identification tag. Alarms will sound if any infant is outside designated areas. There is also a monitor on the nursing unit that displays each infant’s location on the floor at all times.
UAB Medical West is excited about the renovations in progress and looks forward to sharing the new Women’s Center with the community. Renovations are expected to be completed in November. Stay tuned for further updates!