Diabetes is one of the top reasons for annual deaths in America. In fact, one in every ten Americans suffers from this disease. That’s about 30 million people in the country suffering from diabetes every day.The greater problem lies in those who do not control their health habits and make better choices. Diabetes can lead to other serious health problems, such as kidney and nerve damage. But the good news is that diabetes can be controlled. When people decide to make healthier choices, keep their diet and weight in mind, watch their sugar intake and make an effort to exercise, many of the symptoms may subside. Instead of developing more health problems, you can form better health habits and raise awareness of the plight of those living with diabetes. Diabetes can be treated, and the symptoms can be lessened. If more people talk about the risks and consciously try to lead healthier lives, perhaps the statistics of diabetes in the country can be lessened.

Participating in National Diabetes Month

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November is American Diabetes Month. This is a good time to talk about the risk factors, educate others and encourage healthier habits. Some simple and easy things you can do to participate in the National Diabetes Month are:
  • Organizing community walks in your area to raise awareness
  • Inviting speakers to talk with kids in schools about healthy food and health habits
  • Doing more personally to be active, such as encouraging your officemates to take the stairs instead of company elevators
  • Focusing on switching to healthier meals at home
  • Speaking with your doctor or getting a physical check-up to keep your own health I check
  • Tweeting about National Diabetes Month or spreading the word on your social media platforms
  • Visiting a friend who may be suffering diabetes and helping them for a day to perform daily tasks or treat their condition