Cold weather is fast approaching, or so we in Central Alabama hope… But with the holiday season coming around, it’s wise to continue exercising, despite the temperature, to deal with those extra calories as well as any stress.

Many opt to run outside during the more comfortable months, but you can keep up your habit and do so without injury if you just follow these tips:

1. Warm up those feet! Avoid shoes with lots of mesh, which are created for breathability. Wear socks that will wick sweat away to keep your feet dry and warm.

2. Cover up. You want to be warm without sweating to the point that you get chilly. Dress as though it’s 20 degrees warmer than what it is. Again, wear fabrics that dry sweat quickly. You should be a little cool when you start your run. In 30-degree weather, try wearing one bottom layer and two top layers, to keep your core warm.

3. Light up the night. As winter brings less daylight, you may end up running in the dark. Wear reflective gear and have at least one light on you to grab peoples’ attention.

4. Practice a pre-run ritual. Be sure to get your blood flowing before you step outside. This will keep the cold from being so intense when the air hits you. Try jumping jacks, stretching, or even a brisk house-cleaning.

5. Change quick. After you stop running, your core temperature drops. To avoid the chills, change as quickly as possible from head to toe. Rid yourself of sweaty clothes and try drinking something warm.

As hard as you work to run like Rudolph, you deserve to give yourself the gift of a new personal record this season.